Our Beef

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Our Beef is locally sourced from Western North Carolina

Because only the best will do, here’s why we proudly use Brasstown Beef


We believe that Extraordinary Care = Extraordinary Beef.

The consistency in flavor and tenderness of our beef result from humane treatment in a sustainable environment, which is the bedrock of who we are and how we operate.

After a great deal of research and scrutiny, it was clear that Braunvieh Angus cattle offered the broadest range of positive traits of all the beef breeds.

Our pasture raised cattle created the amazing flavor of our all natural, no antibiotic, no added hormone beef,

Certified “Pasture Centered” by GAP
We have historically treated and raised our animals in a caring and humane way. It was exciting for us to discover that our animal husbandry practices, in use on the farm for decades, satisfied the requirements to earn a “Pasture Centered” Step 4 Rating from Global Animal Partnership. The only way to earn the highest Step 5 rating is to have a meat processing plant on site.

After weaning the calves they are brought back to Ridgefield Farm where they reside in pastures with lots of room to roam with grass and hay.